Empeltre Variety

There are many varieties of extra virgin olive oil, and in fact according to some sources there are around 1.800 different varieties in about 38 countries. Our oil is the exclusive Empeltre Variety, which boasts of coming from the oldest olive trees in Spain. The Empeltre variety only forms and tenth of all the hectares of olive trees compared to the more common picual variety in Spain.

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The Empeltre olive variety represents less than 1% of olive production in the world

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Less than 1%

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Where can be found?

The Empeltre variety can be found growning in Logroño and Teruel (in the Ebro Valley) to the province of Tarragona, along with the Balearic Islands. Almost all the olive crops in the Bajo Aragon Region in Teruel, are the Empeltre variety, extending through villages like Alcañiz, Alloza, Oliete, Samper de Calanda, Hijar, Calaceite...

This variety is found in Bajo Aragón and is part of the Denomination of Origen of Bajo Aragón, which is one of the most conducive areas in the world for olive cultivation and where our exclusive extra virgin olive oil is produced.

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How does it look like?

The olive is a jet black tone and it ripens early, anytime between the fist week, in octobers until the first week of december. 

The olives that are obtained are long, asymmetric, and slightly concave. They are a medium size (2.7g) and the proportion of pulp to pit is 5:3.

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How does it  taste like?

A fruity tasting olive oil is obtained from this fantastic blend which is yellow in colour, with gold undertones. Moreover the aromas are of a medium - high intensity, reminding us of fresh grass as well as tomato and artichoke, with the fennel notes that are characteristic of empeltre olives.

The oil is smooth on the palate. It is well balanced and has a medium intensity with bitter, spicy and sweet highights. These three characteristics are accompained by a slight stringent sensation, and delicious nutty flavours like almonds and walnuts, both of which are characteristic of the empeltre variety


Overall we obtain an exquisite EVOO of excellent quality which is perfect to accompany any food, from toasted bread with tomato to pastas and salads, meats and raw fish, where we use it to finish dishes and give that perfect flavour to them.