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Our Roots


We are descendants from generations and generations of olive harvesters from a small village called Oliete in   -Teruel-. Our ancestors used the olive oil they obtained for their own consumption, like the majority of families in the region.


Despite the passage of years and generations, we continue with the same tradition of taking care of our olive groves with the same passion. Our greatest pleasure is coming together as a family, enjoying time together during the harvest. It is the moment we return to our roots. 

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Víctor Moreno Pastor, CEO and founder of Mis Raíces, with experience in large multinationals, but with the motivation to go his own way, decided to take the important step of founding Mis Raíces in 2016. In this way he was continuing the project originally envisaged by his uncle, Carlos Pastor Lázaro, also cofounder of Mis Raíces, in the early 2000s.

Victor together with Alvaro Moreno Pastor -Victor's Brother-  decide to launch an ambitious project, along with the rest of the cofounders, to achieve a unique purpose: 

"Discover to the world the taste of authenticity and tradition of our roots"

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Our Region

Our olive oil comes exclusively from the fields of Bajo Aragón, where the origin of olive production dates back to the time of the Romans. Some of the oldest millenary olive trees in Spain are found in the area.

Bajo Aragón is one of the most favourable regions in the world for olive cultivation. The hard climate conditions with the lack of irregular rainfalls, added to an arid and hard area, make the empeltre variety a unique and exclusive olive due to these features of its environment.

Oliete, the village in Teruel that our family descends from, can be found in these landscapes. 

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Our Home



In these landscapes of Bajo Aragón we find Oliete, from latin Olivatum that means olive grove or olive land, the village from which our family descends. In spite of the exceptional olive oil quality, olive tree cultivations has been reduced over the years due to poor profitability. Currently, it has been calculated that there are approximately 100.000 wild olive trees in Oliete.

Close to Oliete, about fifteen minutes by car, we find the main field of our family: 

Las Albarizas.


Our Olive Groves


The term Albariza is associated with a kind of white soil that forms compact cllods of earth which allow water from short but intense rainfalls to stay in the subsoil for a long time thus benefitting the olive crops. An interesting fact is that our company is called ALBARIZAS in honor of our lands.

It is in the Albarizas where we have a small, cosy Mas (STONE SHELTER). This is the term given to small buildings that were formerly used as somewhere to stay during the harvest, as there were no vehicles to allow them to return home on a daily basis. 

Our Mas was built by our great grandparents, Santiago and María, and currently we share it with our uncles, aunts and cousins who have fields in the same AREA. Nowadays It is only used to store harvesting tools and equipment, and to cook.