Extra virgin olive oil can come from a wide variety of olives. Ours is the Empeltre variety, which has the tradition of offering oil that belongs to the club of coming from the oldest olive trees in the whole of Spain.

It is thought that the term “Empeltre” is derived from the Catalan word “empelt” which means graft. What is the reason for this? This variety has a low capacity of rooting, which means that grafting must be used as the main method of reproduction.

The area of its cultivation covers from Logroño and Teruel (through the Ebro Valley), to the province of Tarragona. The same variety can also be found in the Balearic Islands. The Empeltre variety is found practically in all the olive groves in the comarcas of Bajo Aragon in the province of Teruel, in villages like Alcañiz, Alloza, Oliete, Samper de Calanda, Hijar, Calaceite… Amongst these villages our olive groves can be found.

The Albarizas (olive grove), from where Mis Raíces Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born is made up of nearly 3 hectares of olive trees. These trees of the Empeltre variety are characterised, amongst other things, by their large size and characteristic vertical branches. The leaves are shiny, and of a dark green colour with a silver underside, crossed by a prominent, green nerve. The olive is of a jet black tone, and of early maturation, from the first week of November until the first week of December.

The olive that is given is of elongated shape, asymmetric and slightly concave on the reverse side, of average size (2.7gr) and with a pulp/stone proportion of 5.3.

This fantastic coupage has a yellow color with nuances of gold and lets us obtain an oil with a medium-high fruity taste. Furthermore, the nose recalls a medium-high fruity intensity where we may enjoy hints of fresh grass as well as tomato and artichoke aromas, with a final touch of fennel which is characteristic of the Empeltre olive.

At mouth level it flows, and its bitterness, spiciness and sweetness are highlighted by its equilibrium and intensity. Those three attributes are accompanied by a slight astringent sensation, and delicious flavors of nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, both very characteristic of the Empeltre olive.


Our oil, the Empeltre variety, is synonymous of tradition, sustainability and quality.