Mis Raíces, is produced during the first half of November with 80% Empeltre olives and 20% Arbequina olives in their optimum moment of maturation. A medium-high fruity intensity bouquet is perceived in nose, with notes of fresh grass, tomato, artichoke and a delicate touch of fennel (typical of the Empeltre variety). In the palate it shows a smooth entry, and its sweetness, bitterness and spiciness are highlighted by its equilibrium and intensity. There are also nutty flavors like walnuts and almonds, both characteristic flavors of the Empeltre variety.

Of clean aspect and a yellow color with shades varying from gold to old gold.

Production of our Olive

Our master miller, Javier Sanchez, owner of the Almazara de Gaen , selects the best olives among the local olive producers from the area including the villages of Samper de Calanda, Hijar, Castenou, Jatiel, Oliete or Urrea de Gaen. The whole area is part of the DPO Bajo Aragon. The olives harvested in our groves are part of this selection.

The olives are taken to the mill the same day that they are picked. The process starts with the initial separation of leaves and little branches, continues with the olives being washed and then the olives are crushed through a process that combines the most modern machinery with traditional millstones.

This process allows the production of a paste with the optimum particle size for the extraction, and even more importantly, the process allows it to reduce to the maximum the creation of emulsions, which reduces the possibility of chemical or sensorial changes in the olive oil. By doing so, the olive oil not only maintains all its aromatic properties but also the antioxidants and nutrients that so often are reduced due to the high speed and high temperature of other modern extraction methods.

After the milling, the olive paste is homogenized through the malaxing which is the action of stirring the paste at low speed and at a temperature lower than 30 Celsius to allow the microdoplets of oil in the paste to coalesce into larger drops that are more easily extracted and separated from the olives sediments.

The following process is to take the oil paste through a decanter, where thanks to the difference in density the olive oil is separated from the tiny bits of olive pulp, pit and skin and also the water that the fruit contained. From here the olive oil goes through a second decanter where the remains of water are separated

This is the way Mis Raices Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ready to be stored in stainless steel tanks which incorporate an always full system to avoid any contact with light or air, and therefore avoiding oxidation.

The olive oil finishes decanting the little bits of olive remains and humidity that were not able to be eliminated through the previous processes in these deposits.

This whole process ensures an excellent quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil based on Empeltre variety of Bajo Aragon.

Production & Elaboration of Mis Raíces Olive Oil


Physicochemical Analysis

Acidity(%): 0.12
Peroxide value (meq/Kg): 6.9
UV-K 270: 0.10
UV-K 232: 2.03
Polyphenols (mg/kg): 372

*Source: Agricultural laboratories Government of Aragón (Regulation EEC 2568/91)

Organoleptic Analysis 

organoleptical analysis-mis raices extra virgin olive oil, empeltre variety


* Fuente: Panel de Cata Oficial de Cataluña