We are descendants of generations of olive growers from Oliete, Teruel, who mainly used the oil they produced for their own family consumption, like the majority of families in the region.

We continue the tradition of taking care of our olive grove as a hobby, of which our greatest pleasure comes from being outdoors with all the family, doing hard physical work in much the same way as our grandparents did. The best moment is the harvesting, a moment when we disconnect from the pressure of our professions and modern day life. It is the moment to connect with our roots…..

Víctor, CEO and co-founder of Mis Raices (meaning “My Roots”), tired of working for others on things he was not passionate about, decided to take the step of creating Mis Raices based on a project started by his uncle Carlos (also co-founder of Mis Raices).

They were aware of the precious treasure they had in their hands in the form of an extraordinary oil of a scarce variety of olives and from a region of Spain not very well known commercially despite its long olive history. Along with the rest of the co-founders they decided to use all their professional and academic knowledge to achieve their mission which is:

“Position Mis Raices amongst the best olive oils in the world on an international level”

They decide to do this, bringing the maximum value possible to a nearly forgotten region through collaborations with the best local miller, Javier Sanchez, with small family producers, and with local organizations.     
Generations of Mis Raíces