Directly from the oldest olive trees in Spain comes the Empeltre olive

When tradition regains what belongs to it and exquisiteness wins over what is predefined, that which was always present, but lacked the weight and value that it deserved, is reborn stronger than ever: that is the Empeltre olive.

Brought directly from the oldest olive trees in Spain, it is responsible for giving our oil that fruity hint with such a peculiar tenderness, away from the classical bitterness that we may find in other cultivars.

The Empeltre olive tree stands out for its large size and robustness, its bright leaves of dark green colour, and its long, black and asymmetrical olives. This kind of olive has an early ripening, from the first week of November to the first week of December and it is a much appreciated cultivar due to its productivity and the excellent quality of its oil.

The Empeltre, typical from Aragon, is cultivated from Logroño to Teruel, all through the Ebro Valley to Tarragona, where it goes on to reach the Balearic Islands.

The origins of olive growing in this area goes back to the dawn of history, and today it takes up over 80.000 hectares of crops. Did you know that the best olive trees in Spain grow in limy, fresh and deep soils? Therefore, it is not by chance that the lands of Lower Aragon, which possess all these characteristics, provide us with olive oils of such great quality.

The special characteristics of the Empeltre cultivar trigger a differentiating effect in "Mis Raíces" and elevate the experience from ordinary to gourmet. Its delicate aroma and flavour make the Empeltre extra virgin olive oil the ideal seasoning for salads, since it is this way that we may better savour its distinctive notes. It is also delicious when added, in small amounts, in soups, purées o creams, as well as, for instance, pasta dishes without ingredients, where it becomes the main actor.

It is no more just a systematic classical consumption; now it is about enjoying with your five senses from the moment the bottle is open and you smell its pure fragrance,

to the exact moment when it enters your palate, making you feel not only those sweet notes in your mouth, but also becoming a moment of memory, escape and a return to basics, ultimately going back to your own roots.


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