TerraOlivo 2017 Awards - Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition

The TerraOlivo - Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition awards, held in the beautiful city of Jerusalem, Israel, grew out of a continuous search for excellence and efforts to integrate olive oil with health, well-being and nutrition.  Other notable aims of these awards range from promoting the consumption of the Mediterranean diet and publicizing its benefits, to rewarding the best extra virgin olive oils from all over the world.

That is, in fact, the reason for this article: we are honoured to announce that

" Mis Raíces Olive Oil" has been selected as one of the winners in this year’s awards.

More specifically, we are the recipient of a GOLD award. Thanks to hard work, as well the distinguishing features that the empeltre variety gives to our oil, we have managed to secure

"Mis Raíces " position among the most important EVOOs in the world.

As such, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support.

TerraOlivo is a must for all premium olive oils; this year’s event involved 632 samples from 20 countries, including 184 from Spain and 131 from Israel.

Also noteworthy is the fact that samples were received from 80 production regions and more than 65 varieties. In addition, the "Raúl Castellani International Champion Trophy" was awarded, in honour of the chemical engineer and expert in sensorial analysis, Raúl Castellani, who passed away last September.

To see all the award-winning oils, click here.




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