The empeltre variety... what foods does it work best with?

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings. Let food be thy medicine”. - Hippocrates.

"Let food be thy medicine," declared Hippocrates, and we couldn’t agree more. The exceptional health benefits of extra virgin olive oil (as we have described in previous articles) undoubtedly make it one of the top super foods, essential for helping our bodies work properly. But if as well as being healthy we can use it as a condiment in delicious dishes... a wholesome meal can become a gastronomic experience.

Mis Raíces Olive Oil, made from empeltre olives, gives a clear example of how to transform a simple recipe into a gourmet dish. But what foods bring out its characteristic fruity flavour, helping us to fully savour " Mis Raíces "? Salads are the key here, and this EVOO’s balanced taste and creaminess make it the ideal accompaniment to these stand out summer dishes.

So, to inspire you, we have searched our favourite foodie blogs and websites for some of the most appetizing and tasty salads around...

Caprese Salad - Telva:


1. Slice the unpeeled tomato across its width, but without cutting all the way through. Between each tomato slice, slide a sliver of burrata along with a slice of avocado.

2. Remove the fat from the bacon and brown until crisp.

3. Fry the basil and capers in hot oil until crisp.

4. Basil oil: mash the oil with the basil and a pinch of salt, then strain it.

5. To serve: present each tomato on a plate, with lettuce, pine nuts, bacon, basil leaves and fried capers. Drizzle it with Mis Raices Olive Oil.

See the whole recipe here:

Spiralized vegetable salad - Delicious Martha:


1.Carefully wash the vegetables and cut them with the WMF KULT X Spiralizer.

2. Once the vegetables have been spiralized, mix them together and place them in a serving dish. Season to taste with Mis Raices Olive Oil (bearing in mind that we will also add a yogurt sauce). 

3. Peel and quarter the figs. Cover and keep them in the fridge until ready to serve. Just before serving, add the yogurt sauce and a little salt.

See the whole recipe here:

Kale, bimi, quinua y ensalada de Kimchee-Loleta:


1. Cook the quinoa together with the bulgur wheat until tender then rinse with cold water.

2. Wash all the ingredients and chop the kale.

3. Peel and dice the avocado.

4. Cut the bimi, retaining just the heads for this dish.

5. Put the extra virgin olive oil in a bowl with the kimchee and the mustard, and beat them together to make a creamy dressing.

6. Place a layer of kale leaves on the plate and cover with the avocado.

7. For the salad, add the samphire greens along with a few bimi shoots, sunflower seeds and quinoa. Lastly, add Mis Raices Olive Oil.

See the whole recipe here:

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