Where olive oil springs from the land: Oliete (Spain)

As the summer heat begins to fade, and the holidays become a distant memory, our favourite time of year begins: the olive harvest.

And the perfect moment for the Empeltre olive variety – used to produce our olive oil – is the autumn, when the temperature first begins to drop.

Thanks to the peak ripeness of the Empeltre olive and the careful production process after this crucial first stage of the harvest, we can pride ourselves on the excellent quality of our product.

The juice from the Empeltre olive variety – now in the production stage – is pale yellow in colour with golden hues. Its fruity aroma is of a medium-high intensity, with a stunning combination of spicy, bitter and sweet tones together with a remarkable intensity and balance. A key feature of the Empeltre olive variety is the delicate hint of almond and walnut on the palate. Ideal for salads or to simply savour its unique flavour, this is an olive oil that is guaranteed to make an impression: its essence lingers and it marks a turning point in the way we select Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

And here, against this wonderful backdrop, as you can see from the bird’s-eye view of the drone, is where the magic truly begins...

The Mis Raíces brand was born and bred in Lower Aragon, a region that boasts some of the oldest olive trees in Spain, and the longest tradition of olive oil production in the entire country.

Its people, proud of this defining tradition, are warm and welcoming to the inquisitive visitors who choose olive oil tourism and relaxing in the country over the hustle and bustle of the cities or the coast. And what better destination than Oliete to truly experience first-hand the world of this liquid gold?

Atop a hill, on the southern slopes of the Sierra de los Moros mountain range, next to the Martín river at an altitude of 541 m, the municipality borders on Ariño, Alloza, Alacón, Estercuel, as well as Alcaine and Muniesa in the Cuencas Mineras district. Three arches with shrines of El Pilar, San Fabián and San Sebastián, and Santa Bárbara mark the entrance to the centre of the village. Some of the most beautiful spots to be found in the surrounding area are the Cueva Foradada reservoir and the San Pedro chasm.

And how about a tour from on high? Just take a look...

Watching these videos, there is only one conclusion to be drawn: the oil we make is not just the result of a standard production process, like so many others…it’s so much more than that. It stems from our land, our people and our shared history.

And this is precisely what we want to convey to you, the soul and the essence of “Mis Raíces"...






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