Our reference ROOTS is our mainstream Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ideal for everyday use.


Like PREMIUM ROOTS and ORGANIC ROOTS is also produced with the exclusive and unique EMPELTRE variety.


Mild fruity intensity where we may enjoy hints of fresh grass as well as tomato.


At mouth level it flows, and its bitterness, spiciness and sweetness are highlighted by its equilibrium and mild intensity.

Those three attributes are accompanied by a slight astringent sensation, and delicious flavours of nuts. If we analyse the tasting notes we define it as mild and delicate, low intensity, fruity ripe and sweet.


Best used raw on salads and vegetables. Also, is perfect for vinaigrettes and sauces or even used in your favourite recipes. We offer an exclusive quality.

Mis Raíces ROOTS 2020 | EVOO 500 ml | Harvest 2019

SKU: R - 500 - 20
    • ROOTS is our mainstream EVOO ideal for cooking and finish.
    • Harvested late November
    • First cold extraction within 12h.
    • Full-bodied EVOO, with delicate fruit, soft bitter tones and slightly spicy. 
    • Olives carefully selected from Empeltre and Arbequina varieties
    • Cultivated by true descendants of generations of olive growers from the fields of Bajo Aragón in Spain.
    • We bet for harvesting the olives with traditional and sustainable methods.



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